8.49.010 Definitions

8.49.20 Graffiti prohibited

8.49.21 Notice of property owner

8.49. 040 Abatement of graffiti

8.49.50 Sole remedy

8.49.010 Definitions.

As used in this chapter: “Graffiti” means any writing, painting or inscription which would be punishable as vandalism pursuant to Section 594 of the Penal Code of the State of California if maliciously placed or applied by any person to a building or structure, other than by the owner of the building or structure. “Notice” means a written or telephonic communication.

“Receipt” means actual notifications to the owner or occupant of the affected property or posting of a written notice on a conspicuous place on the affected property. (Ord. 537 1 (part), 1991)

8.49.020 Graffiti prohibited.

It is unlawful for any person to permit or suffer any graffiti or other defacement by paint, other liquids or other means of inscription to remain on any building or structure whether publicly or privately owned upon any lot or parcel of land under their ownership, custody or control. (Ord. 537 1 (part), 1991

8.49.20 Notice to property owner

The city shall provide notice to any property owner upon his or her building or structure, wall, fence, pavement, or walkway upon which any graffiti, including paint, ink, chalk, dye or similar marking substances is allowed to remain that this condition is illegal and should be abated within twenty-four hours of receipt of the notice. (Ord. 537 1 (part), 1991)

8.49.040 Abatement of graffiti.

If graffiti is not abated within twenty-four hours from receipt of the notice provided for in Section 8.49.030, the city manager or his or her designee is expressly authorized to enter upon the premises for the purpose of abating said graffiti with city equipment and city personnel or with contract equipment and contract personnel. (Ord. 537 1 (part), 1991)

8.49.050 Sole remedy

Violation of this chapter by any property owner shall not be considered a misdemeanor nor an infraction and the sole remedy for violation hereof shall be the abatement procedure set forth in Section 8.49.040. (Ord. 537 1 (part), 1991)