I'm sure that you won't post this on your website- you want the face of graffiti to remain seemingly "uneducated". So I challenge you to. If you are honest, and with principles, you will. In case you don't know what e-mail I'm referencing, I'll send it again.

I'm not sure who is the webmaster of your site, quite frankly I don't particularly care. Rather, I'd like to call you and your supporters into question. What, precisely, do you KNOW about graffiti culture? You've expressed a frank misunderstanding of it on this site, more importantly, you've expressed an ignorance to it. Graffiti is art of the 21st century. Its an artform that actually extends further into time that you may or may not realize. Its an expression of creativity and culture, using as a canvas what was (and is) available to the artists. Have you ever truly looked at a piece? Have you actually taken the time out of your day to appreciate the detail and imagination that goes into the creation of a piece? Have you studied the lines and the way that the colors blend? Or do you only reserve that kind of attention to antiquated European art forms? What exactly is it that bothers you SO much about graffiti? I suppose your answer will be that its the defamation of YOUR property. I imagine that when the founder of this organization found graffiti on HIS house, he was outraged. He is, afterall, an American. And personal property, wealth, well, any display of excess, is by far more imporant than any indication of the evolution of society. Especially when the society thats evolving is "hip-hop", right?

I am appalled by the importance that you have placed upon fighting graffiti in our society. I'm actually frightened for you. It seems that you are completely unaware of what is ACTUALLY going on in the world. An AIDS epidemic, mass starvation, excessive poverty, systematic killings, a war... should I go on, or are you being reminded of anything? And yet you've chosen to make graffiti your campaign. Graffiti. Art. In the face of a malicious world, you prosecute the artists. The question that begs to be asked is what do you think of the billboards that are now scrawled upon subways? The advertisements that cover nearly every building? Its obvious that we as consumer Americans are terrified of any wasted space. But should that wasted space be used in a constructive manner rather than the brainwashing of the American consumer, we run in terror, right?

Please, correct me if I am wrong in stating any of the aformentioned. I would love to be enlightened by you. I would love to go through life in the same terror of other cultures that you seem to. I think I would benefit from it. And I have a suggestion for you. Prioritize. Stop wasting the life (and money) that you have been given. You are a disgrace to humanity. I am embarrassed for you. No, I am not a graffiti artist. I simply recognize, and love art. (By the way, I was appalled at the ridiculousness of this quote "Art is supposed to imitate nature; art is supposed to be beautiful! " Good grief, how ignorant can you be.) And I'll be damned if I am going to be denied that pleasure by some reactionary group afraid of the value of their homes dropping.

Very sincerely yours,
Anne McDonnell

From: Randy Campbell
Sent: Friday, July 29, 2005 12:49 PM
Subject: Re: Furthermore

So you're not a vandal but you support vandalizing the property of others? but you are the educated and civilized one, is that correct?

As for what we or I know about graffiti culture, I can go way out on a limb here and state that I probably have more inside knowledge about graffiti and it's subculture than most graffiti vandals themselves, I have studied it, I have lived it and I have gathered every piece of work written about graffiti over the last 15+ years, I have talked to and interviewed thousands of vandals and real and true graffiti artist. I have also interviewed and met with many of those in every form of graffiti abatement. I have seen great works of graffiti art, and I have seen kids ruin their lives for throwing a simple and meaningless tag on a wall, just to say they were able to vandalize some property. You seem to have this whole idea that all graffiti is art, well I disagree with you, throw a tag on a wall is not art, nor is it artistic in value, it was never meant to be "Art" by the vandal, it was meant to be a display of vandalism, nothing more, and NO, it is not my view of it, it is from the vandals themselves. Nograf works to stop this type of graffiti, not stop Graffiti.

You also feel that it should be accepted because it is the current "evolution of society" I am here to tell you that it is not an evolution, this is something that has gone on since the dawn of time, when there was no such thing and pen and paper, they wrote on cave walls to tell their story, then over the years, they evolved to the point where they was no need to paint on walls as they had the tools to put their thoughts done on paper, or canvas, or electronic. The true fact of the matter is this, once "kids" grow up, they move away from graffiti vandalism, Yes, there are a few who will do it till they die, but they are few.

As always, we get e-mails like this and 99% of the time, it comes from an .edu address. Someone who feels that they are highly educated and whatever they feel or think, is more important than someone else, They love to point out that we should place their message on the web site, because it is from "an educated person" not some brain dead vandal. They also love to point out that there are other problems in the world, An AIDS epidemic,mass starvation, excessive poverty, systematic killings, a war....... War, Hmmm, isn't most wars due to the people having mass starvation, excessive poverty, systematic killings? And they want to stop it? So is a war bad if it stops these things?

How about the fact that we spend over 30 billion a year covering graffiti vandalism, if graffiti is so nice as you seem to state, then why do property values drop 10 to 20% in an area that has graffiti, why do people avoid businesses that are in areas covered with graffiti? why are their billions of people who despise graffiti vandalism? But this is a popular sub culture you say, I would think that if it were so popular, people would love to have graffiti on or near their property, correct?

But hey, we must all be uneducated people here because we feel that respect for the property of others is important. I am so thankful to get your e-mail so I could see the error of our ways, I see now that to be in the educated crowd, I need to disrespect the property of others, do as I please with no regard for laws (because they must have been made by uneducated people also)

I think I will go ahead and shut this information web site down, now that I know what the true meaning of graffiti is... I thank you so much, now I will have much more time to go out and put forth more effort into breaking laws, disrespecting other peoples property, causing business owners to pay out large amounts of money to remove graffiti...But wait, graffiti vandalism is popular, everyone loves it, these business owners will not care, the graffiti will attract business, homeowners property values will skyrocket, and all the troubles in the world (mass starvation, excessive poverty, systematic killings) will go away... How could I have been so foolish, I thank you again for your educated view...

Randy Campbell
President and Executive Director
The Nograf Network Inc
A Non Profit 501 (C) (3) Corporation

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