October 22, 2002

Mr. Randy Campbell
The NoGraf Network, Inc.
P.O. Box 305
Yreka. CA 96097

Dear Mr. Campbell:

On behalf of Doug Daft, thank you for contacting us at The Coca-Cola Company. We appreciate the opportunity to respond.

The Art of Harmony program reaches out to art departments -in participating high schools. After students submit their entries, we form judging panels composed of distinguished local artists; community, business and civic leaders; art educators; media personalities; and Coca-Cola representatives. Some of their works of art are eventually transformed into street murals. Please know that these murals are done in conjunction with local governments and businesses. They are completed on walls approved for the express purpose of beautifying the neighborhood and are not acts of vandalism. In fact, most locations are chosen in order to replace unsightly graffiti with bright murals bearing positive messages. Besides sprucing up the city with color and inspiration, the murals serve as a constant reminder of the artistic talent that abounds in the local high schools. Some of these murals are painted by nationally recognized artists who lend their talents to transferring the students’ artwork into these murals. In addition to the recognized artists, we work with the community to locate local artists to offer them an avenue for utilizing their talents in a more productive manner.

As a part of this summer’s Sprite Liquid Mix tour, graffiti artists were teaching the art of tagging - a safe way to express themselves in an area designated for the artwork. They provided a safe environment for the lessons and taught them the difference between mural tagging and street graffiti. Kids were shown how they could express themselves through paint on a canvas, on cloth, and on T-shirts. The focus is on the artistic style of graffiti and how it can be applied to more appropriate mediums. We do not advocate graffiti as a means to deface buildings and public architecture, and this was emphasized in the demonstrations. Moving forward, your comments will be duly noted as we prepare for any future marketing programs.

Mr. Randy Campbell
October 22, 2002
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As a company closely involved with communities in the U.S. and around the world, we are careful to limit our actions to those that are in accordance with the communities that we serve. We appreciate learning of your concern and have shared them with the appropriate management. If you ever have any more comments or questions, please feel free to contact us again.


Richard K. Robinson
Consumer Affairs Specialist