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For years we have placed general information here about stopping graffiti and what works and does not work.

We also placed a lot of general education information here, all of this in an attempt to help cities and individuals to combat graffiti vandalism. We still maintain that page which you can access here, but after over 20 years of providing this information and reading every news story on graffiti that gets posted on a daily basis, we had to step back and really ask ourselves this question......

"Are Cities really serious about stopping graffiti"


Here is the bottom line, we now know exactly what works to stop graffiti vandalism, it has been proven to work, it is not expensive, it is easy to setup, and it can be operated fully by volunteers. Yet cities are not using it, why? Well that is the question we continue to ask. Why do we here at Nograf keep providing the information that so far has cost us over $100,000 over the years and we operate in the red every year just so we can keep providing this information? But when we can show a city the tool that will nearly eliminate their graffiti problem, do they even ask what or how? NO!

Are cities afraid that if they stop graffiti, they will loose money that they get to fund removal teams and their programs? Unknown! But the evidence is showing that cities are NOT serious about wanting to stop graffiti in their communities. They are happy to keep using taxpayer dollars to fund paint out and removal people, but seem to have zero interest in stopping it from happening.

Removal companies do not want graffiti to stop, if it did, there would be no city contracts using taxpayer funds to keep them in business, but why would a city not want to save taxpayers? once again, it is Unknown!

I am starting to believe that we may be wasting our time here trying to help these cities, because we have the answer they need to stop it. Graffiti paint outs and removal are good, but they do NOTHING to actually stop graffiti, if you spend $100,000 this year to remove it, you will spend it again next year and the next and the next, it does not go away. Taxpayers never get a break because cities are not really serious about saving those taxpayer dollars. This comment might anger a few people who work in these cities, but what have we got to loose? Maybe some local citizens can start talking and help change the minds of these city leaders.

Now I am really going to shock everyone and actually tell you what program actually works to stop graffiti, if you use it, it will work, simple as that...

  • Grip Systems Database
  • Tripwire Covert Cameras

The cameras, if used, are guaranteed to catch vandals in the act, notify you via your cell phone within 30 seconds and provides you text and photos of the crime in progress. This allows you and your police agency to respond and take the offenders into custody. Every vandal you identify and take off the street, is money saved from not having to clean their graffiti. You also get the vandals into the court system when some control can be applied to them, if the vandals are minors, then parents can share in the fines for clean up of their Childs graffiti. Yes it is true that some vandals hit the courts several times, most will stop when caught and identified, but by keeping up the heat and working graffiti with the covert cameras, eventually you will make an impact on that hard nosed vandal. Whatever the time frame, make them pay for the clean up cost. These cameras are not like others that just broadcast a voice to scare a vandal away to do graffiti in another location, these cameras notify you within 30 seconds to your cell phone.

Grip Database, you should be tracking all graffiti cases, documenting the number of cases caused by these vandals and when you catch one, you query the database and you then prosecute the identified vandal on all the cases with his moniker. The more agencies that use this, the better it is as you can find out if a vandal that has hit your area, has hit adjoining areas or even if that vandal has already been identified by another agency. The Grip database is worldwide, all agencies can view all the cities and this allows tracking vandals across city, state and even country boundaries.

There, that is the whole secret in one simple paragraph, it is just so easy and best yet, has been proven to actually work when EVERY other camera and database system has failed.

So there it is.... Lets see how many cities really want to stop graffiti in their city and take the next step and contact us.....

Randy Campbell
President and Executive Director
The Nograf Network Inc.


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