What Does Graffiti Cost Us Each Year? Billions!

Do Murals Work?

Once again, Murals DO NOT WORK, Vandals do not respect property, so why would they respect a mural? 99% of all murals get tagged and cities end up paying large amounts to remove the graffiti. Eventually, most murals are just painted over as it is to costly to maintain them.

  • ORLANDO --

Murals painted by a local artist to curb graffiti and tagging in Orange County are being tagged once again.

The city of Orlando paid $1,500 for Andrew Spear to paint a wall along Mills Avenue because it was constantly being tagged.

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Can We Really Win The Fight To Stop Graffiti Vandalism - Yes!

We get this question is asked all the time... The short answer is Yes, and No.....

Yes if you will truly put in what it takes to do the job, but if looking for a quick fix, and not ready to install the resources, it is a waste of time, energy and money.

The only viable way to stop graffiti is to catch them in the act, and prosecute them in Court

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Free Walls, Do they Work

Free walls accomplish several things. The first thing they do is give graffiti VANDALS a safe place to network. The second thing they do is send the mixed message that graffiti is wrong, graffiti is a blight, graffiti is an eyesore. Oh wait, unless you do it over here, then it's okay. The last thing is free walls don't work because they are "free." Confusing? The main motivation of the graffiti subculture is the illegal nature of it. They aren't content to use legal walls only. In every instance I have observed, the neighborhood surrounding the legal wall become collateral damage. Free walls? There's nothing free about the problem they are going to cause you.

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